A Miraculous Kind Of Machine

by Junk Science



All songs recorded by J. Howells Werthman at General Tso's Kitchen in Brooklyn, NY. The songs were then mixed by J. Howells Werthman and Junk Science at the same spot. Finally, the jawns were mastered by Jonathan Jetter at Right Angle Recordings in the Big City, NY.


released May 18, 2010



all rights reserved


Junk Science Brooklyn, New York

Junk Science is Baje One on the raps, Snafu on the beats. Simple. Dudes met in high school in the late 90's and have been making the music that they want to make since then, with absolutely no regard for whatever is "hot" in any given moment. They spend a decent amount of time drinking beer and playing video games, just like you. ... more

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Track Name: The Syllabus
J to the U to the N to the K to the S to the C to the I to the E to the N to the C to the E
That’s we, Nuk Fam, Junk Science in the place to be
I start most of my raps off
In a manner to efficiently make critics take their hats off
Thugs take your bats off, punks take your tats off
Me and Snaf the 1,2, the wax on, the wax off
It’s only music, verbs and boom tics
But still we fittin to fuse it with verve to move kids
And that’s the Rubix, the cube’s in movement
To see Snaf do it, it would seem the shoe fits

Ay yo the drums is my heartbeat
Thump and they start me
Been Baje since a little punk with a Sharpie
Even back in 9th grade, Snaf was killin it
Before the Nerve Tonic we were sarsaparillin it
And that’s the filament, a blast of real-a-ness
Straight to the source, walk right past the middleman
We deem it necessary to use primary tools
So as to circumnavigate the binary rules
So while I may be confident that I’m very cool
We are not gathered here today for something so frivolous
But something miraculous, that’s not on the syllabus
To remain spectacular, when they get rid of us
And so it begins, the first block placed
A firing synapse, but this is not a race
A willful construction, a slow and steady pace
Though what we are constructing remains without a face
We are no less committed, no matter the time it takes
To squeeze the sweetest juice from all of our mind grapes
Track Name: Fire Drill
Check it check the graying sky
Made you look, now save me mine
Gimme that gill, that pill, that thrill
Let’s flip that coin, let fate decide
You call it, heads or tails
One flip could tip the scales
So when you call it, you oughta recall that tails don’t fail
That’s just the way it works
Sometimes you play the jerk
Sometimes you play the fool
Just like that first day of school
My first day in 7th grade they put bubble gum inside my hair
With no recourse I cut it out
Like this is war, so all is fair
Flashback to 6th grade, I slapped some kid upside his face
Cause I was scared of the pecking order
Made my case, no time to waste
Not sure now which is worse;
Throw that punch or get hit first
Either way you playin that game
Goin down that road, gotta stay in that lane
So now we off-roading
No longer soft spoken
And if a rapper bite my shh he gets his jaw broken
That flavor’s complex
Not a test or bomb threat
We not here to waste your time
Just here to put that bass in line
This is just me showing off
Steam inside me blowing off

So when we rise up
Aint no time to
Deny us, baby come on sign up
This is a pine house
And it’s time now
To decide if we dry out
Either that or climb out...
This is a fire drill
Science on the flyer bill
The energy is high but we could go a little higher still
So on the count of 3
Tell me what your name is
And he who screams the loudest will instantly be famous

So 1,2,3 let it go now
What’s your name little man? Let em know now
What about you, little girl? Don’t hold out
Imma go wild with an old style
Make a new crowd say “Oh wow, ooh child”
That Junk is back with a new sound
That funk is back what to do now?
Better jump and clap gotta move round
That globe is spinnin
Gold infinite
But apparently it’s not enough for all of the children
And that lie main fault of the system
That’s what I learned from the fall of the buildings
No sound for the clouds approaching
Can’t be attuned to the sound of the smoke and
Gimme that vote, get down with a slogan
Still shell-shocked walk around with a broken – head
Nina said don’t smoke in bed
I joke instead of chopping cebollitas
Dame libertad con papas fritas Jihad

So check it check the blueing sky
Makes me look so droopy eyed
Gimme that caffeine, gimme that vaccine
Is he happy? You decide
That’s up to interpretation
BTDubs for your information
Not sure why I go to work
While some folks just grow herb in the basement
That’s just the way it works
Some lifetimes you play the jerk
Spin that yarn, play that spool
Then back again, first day of school
So what in tarnation is reincarnation?
I swear to god if I gotta go to school again I start sprayin
I still have nightmares
You know the type where
I’m sporting rejects everybody rockin Nike airs
Then again man, aint much changed
Same old wall with a paint buff stain
Real shine through so I say what I want
Snafu now bring that bass to the front
This is just me waking up
Left and right brain making up

Track Name: Clark Kent
Now everybody wanna know something bout something
When the fact is they don’t know nothing bout nothing
Mothaf***as bout stuffin but forgot the turkey
Must be stuck up in the oven but it got to burst free
And fly away, but turkeys don’t fly
They just peck around the pines, watch birdies go by
Now, tell me something, if you heard he’s dope
Why wouldn’t you wanna decide with your dirty own mind?
It’s not worthy your time? It’s a wordy goldmine
Cause me and my attorney we stay nerdy fo life
And yes this applies to demand that you supply to
Helpin people fine tune rings for me to fly through
Some are simply wires glued, some are made of fire too
And if you don’t jump high enough
They say that they gonna fire you
How fly are you?
Why’d you think we’d hire you?
Your only option... jump a little higher dude
That’s not an option like swingin when the cops come
Surely you could do but you stupid, they got shotguns
So what’s the option to hoppin through the fire hoops?
Step into the hot sun, walk amongst the briars dude
Admire newts, give water to the drier roots
And when you pass the man’s house, set afire roofs
No H20, we let it let it burn slow
For a face twofold, we let him get his turn yo
A toast... no merlot!
Everybody askin “Is he sober?” Noooooooo!
Track Name: Really, Man
I’ve learned a whole lot
But I don’t know shhh...
It’s cool, Imma roll with it
Hoppin out the window, watch me go get it

No ride, now I’m stuck in the street
Since I turned 16, been stuck in the beat
After two years of that, I was plenty self-righteous
Not alone, I know many felt like this...
Watch, you gonna see the fans I’m gonna go get
Looked at younger kids like “Yall don’t really know yet”
Then I’m 22, four years of Vassar College
Lotta smart folks, really thought I had some knowledge
25, three years of bein self-taught
Laughin at the stuff my 22-year-old self thought
Now I’m 28, and the only thing I know is
I don’t really know shhh... that’s what Imma roll with

And it’s cool, really man I’m fine
Not sayin I aint goin back to school
But the best teacher is time, so Imma take mine


No brakes, now I’m stuck on this bike
And every now and then I see my name up in the lights
And that’s cool with me, it’s who I choose to be
Gorilla Coffee for the cup, and some food to eat
Not to mention this beautiful girl
And every day she brings something brand new to my world
Got paper for the pen, salt shaker for the bread
And the music sounds tight cause I make it with my friends
Used to see the truth but I wasn’t seein far
Plus the truth kept changin, I’m through bein smart
Not done thinkin man, I’m just thinkin ‘bout
Thinkin how I’m done thinkin that I got it figured out

And it’s cool, really man I’m fine
Not sayin I aint goin back to school
But the best teacher is time, so Imma take mine
Track Name: Monty Flython (feat. Scott Thorough)
From the top to the bottom to the top again
Here we are, who we are, Nuclear, modern men
Teach the kids to play a game that you aint gotta win
Better yet, you aint gotta play, but still you gotta live
And that’s what you might call a paradizzox
Walkin down two streets in one pair of sizzocks
I catch 22 birds with the same stone
And still find a vacant wall and spray to make my name known
It’s all written on the subway
Monday through Sunday, the runway is one way
So when this thing takes flight
You will know exactly why we used to break night
Because something happens to the air, it is electric
Thus it is no accident that we are on some next ish
Everybody sleepin, abandoning their senses
We gather fragments of the real and try to make some sense of it
We was birthed in the darkness
The first to depart, wrapped in furs and the parkas
And perched like a marksman with darts for these smart kids
That’s marchin towards madness, mayhem on a planetary scale
Now, you could jot your own page, Canterbury Tale
Or watch from your homemade sanitary jail
But yo, how I see the only sane choice is
Gather in the quiet of the night and raise voices

And it sounds so beautiful (beautiful)
So God-damned beautiful (beautiful)
And it sounds so beautiful (beautiful)

Some days it’s like I got so many brothers it’s hard to keep track
Especially when you factor in all the feedback
Between the frequencies a lot goes unsaid
We sleepwalk, arms outstretched, undead
Not sure what we searchin for
Some kind of justification to explain what we hurtin for
And once we got that, we think we’ll never let it slip
And that’s what everybody means when they say get a grip
On bad days we don’t know how to hold it
Our hands are imperfect, flawed from the molding
And if it slips and falls, it’s not broken
It’s just fractured, like time movin backwards
And if the rivers rose I would find safe passage
With Nuk Fam over my head like I was Atlas
With no practice, and no adlibs
I will say it clearly, hopin that you hear me
So if I said I love you, and you heard something else
Let me know now and I will sever those doubts
Cause there’s one thing I aint afraid to write
And that’s Nuk Fam literally saved my life

Track Name: Sailing
Looking down the grand grocery list and we got...
Mayonnaise, tomato paste, 808’s and nasal sprays
Hand grenades with cream filling
Cancer, AIDS, green children
Toss em in the great machine, the unifying crunch
Then place it on a plate to see how you define lunch
Is it worthy of your pallatation?
With a slight recalibration?
Book to movie adaptation
Just a doctor out of patients
With no one left to treat so
We resort to tricks so
You can afford the meat
Throw your fork up in the mix
We are achieving weightlessness come Hell or High Water
But since both are fast approaching
Guess I’ll sell em my mantra
Which is not to die,
But if you must, don’t die up in them work boots
And if you know you got to fry,
Don’t fry up in that jerk suit
The time is now, repent a lot
Select the most expensive plots
We are indeed defenseless bots
And that’s the road, till the engine stops
But I’m the engine, you’re the engine
No such thing as your dimension
Open mind, forced inspection
40 years, corporate pension
And just in time when the rigor mortis sets in
You can bet then that they comin now for the rest of you
Cause humans make the bestest glue
And that’s an exaggeration, but in essence it is true
That’s how they turned your old man into gelatins and goo

Now if you can’t relate to what I say, don’t like the way I say it
Then it’s probably safe to say that you don’t like me as a rapper
Moving on, cause I don’t give a frak
All my life is Little Mac
Battling Super Macho Man, so Glass Joe is not the plan
Me and Snaf could rock a jam, no microphone just pots and pans
And he could scratch with lobster hands
And I could rap my shopping plans
Like – two quarts of milk, celery, eggs
Newports and kale, ketamine and steaks
Some of that stuff I aint really buyin
But, it’s gotta rhyme
And since that’s the bottom line
You see why rappers gotta lie
Now and then, when it sounds good
Maybe when it sounds hood
Maybe when the sound’s poetic
Bound for town with an ounce of penance
Bounce with a pound of sound investments
And that’s without no leverage
I walk just south of reckless
A thousand miles without no breakfast
But then it’s all brunch baby!
Bloody Mary, extra olives, extra horseradish
Rules of the game enforce madness
How else to recognize humanity is hopeless
And still embody the human understanding of what hope is?
Without that, you just a ghost with a debit card
A boat in a reservoir, a soldier with a feather bomb
But with that, even great minds crumble from the weight
Cause when you runnin for your life
You cannot stumble out the gate
Track Name: Millins (feat. Cool Calm Pete)
Baje takin notes on the way that people get rich
You could check the list then see which is the best fit
Utilize your tools, implement the strategies
Motivate your clientele with simple sets of batteries
I know it had to be a tad bit Pavlovian
But amongst the tadpoles frogs is Draconian
When your only friend is force like Obiwan
Then you’re holdin palms out flat like you know me son
But it’s not that way, it’s the other one
Where you gettin popped in the face like Bubbleyum
When it comes to handin checks out
I would rather be a X-file than manufacture textiles
Need the next style, or feelin stressed out?
You could find a solution sittin in the next aisle
And while you there you should spend spend spend
Maybe sin sin sin
That’s a book I never read, like Rin Tin Tin
So I wouldn’t know the mathematics
The way some of yall lie, it’s straight acrobatics
And the fact of the matter of the fact is
You could fill in the blanks with truth, like Madlibs
But this is Snaf ish and if you ask me
Reality’s a floor model, you take it as is
But that’s me and heretofore I aint made a lotta cash
So what the duck do I know?
Pointing at a pie chart like shut your pie hole
He don’t see dough unless he’s touchin filo
Makin Baklava but stocks he got nada
Gotta watch for that the first cold press like Kalamata
Use some of that oil to slick my hair back
And slide door to door selling dreams as bare facts
What’s the basis?
The shortest distance between two points
Is by stepping on faces
It’s a simple dance, a two-step or a do-se-do
Next thing you know you’re synergizing backwards overflow
Then it all happens, right here in the naked city
Now go ahead and grab those pasties, come on shake them...

(Cool Calm Pete)
Shut in his ways, stubborn and stuck
Couldn’t get him to budge for like a million bucks
But, money talks and we all listen
The finer things in life you’ve been missin
Offshore account, bowtie and tux
Your wifey is classy, fly as f**k
Your mistress is dipped cause you buy her stuff
Little round glasses, Scrooge McDuck
Ascot, sometimes a top-hat
Walking a dog the size of rat
Black ties, shaking hands with rich guys
Laughin it up, passin the buck
Making bacon is painstaking work
Rakin in the dough boy, stay gettin perks
Them penthouse suites, luxury seats
Room with a view, eatin delicious treats
No fat pockets, just black cards
Shootin for the stars, rockets in cars
James Bond without the danger
Just like the new Bill Gates, helpin strangers
They used to say “Mo money, mo problems”
Christmas in Aspen, on some private island
Wilin’, in my yacht, off the plank
White pants, tennis with Carlton Banks
Ducks in a row, can’t stop the flow
Livin fast, eatin escargot
Poppin bubbly in my gold-plated tub
Upper-class citizen, smokin Rose Bud
Hungry eyes, shaped like dollar signs
Diamond rings, white-collar crimes
In tough times, it aint about luck
You aint s**t without a million bucks
Reading Dianetics, cryogenics
Chillin like Disney, cabbage, lettuce
Mile-high, business class, skywritin
A million and one, catch the excitement
Track Name: Words From The Boro Prez (feat. Tone Tank)
(Tone Tank)
Welcome, welcome to the Tone Tank for Borough President press conference
I’d like to thank Baje One for havin me, it’s an honor and
I’d like to thank Snafu for settin the ambience and
Give yourselves a round of applause for providin the audience
What’s that? Am I qualified for office?
Well I seen a lot of things that a lot of your eyeballs didn’t
For instance, have you ever saw...
A corn-rowed, lesbian, Puerto Rican dwarf?
Now now, now don’t get sore
I aint sayin nothin wrong, I’m just askin if you saw one
I’m sittin in the sauna, got some Timberland boots on
A half a ski mask, and a Triple Fat Goose on
My man Krayo got a corduroy suit on
A hat that’s wool on
For rappers, it’s a wrap, Saran-done, like Susan Sarandon
Little Joe Cartwright Michael Landon
I’m old school like cannons, house phones and wood paneling
In your mommas basement, in the headphones rappin and
Amazin like ’86 Mets, Doc and Darryl and them
And Roger McDowell and Gary Carter catchin and
Keith Hernandez battin and
He had a .310 average then, and lead the team for most hits
And had the most at-bats back then
I can’t forget Mookie Wilson
The name is Tone Tank, and the publishin is Chill Son
Track Name: No Matter Rap
I see you doin your thing, I’m doin mine too
So I could be Baje, and you could be you
And we could just rock, no matter what they say
Do you call it Hip Hop? It don’t matter to me

Baje One on the micros
Little somethin for the hyper-hypos
Type rhymes, no type of typos
Slip past with a burst of nitro
Not so much Fast and Furious
More like Midnight Club, the nerd is just
Way too strong inside me like Kuato
Comin out now, where’s your poncho
So strange, it’s raining raincoats
All day he’s painting rainbows
Too busy changing fate for saving face with fakes and lame-o’s
Ha, let the haters hate
Let em watch them stars till they fade away
I won’t be online for the great debate
I’m in a tan minivan goin state to state like...
Better catch your breath
And Ziplock bag it, if it’s that fresh
Nowadays when rappers rap, I need acting class to act impressed
So throw your hands up to the stars
If they think they know who you are
They don’t, they don’t
Come with us? They won’t


Now how many times do I got to say this?
Won’t stop till we top the playlist
More likely the top of the waitlist
But don’t front like it’s not contagious
It is, achoo, this is Snafu
And J. Howells Werthman on the track
And look closely, we on the map and
Right there by Prospect Park
That’s where we stop and start
Kickin frees while Snafu pushes me inside a shopping cart
True story, mighta had a couple things to drink, stuff to smoke
Stay Embedded, Juxtaposed
And inspected, up to code
So shake it like the night before Christmas
It’s just litmus, the awesome tester
Mike sound nice like Salt-N-Pepa
Ahh, push it, ah ah, that record
And if I was famous, I’d be livin exactly how I’m livin now


Are you ever hangin out, and somebody will say
“Well, what you thinkin bout?” And you tell them straight
And when they hear what is going on inside
Well that’s when they say “You are out of your mind”
Track Name: Steel Will (feat. Cavalier & Ghost Baby Zero)
Sleep and awake like the same now
Not in such a way to complain about
More an interplay, swirl paint, a centerpiece
Some how it feel right, this lighting on my still life
And yet you’re moved, a red balloon
Trailing off, trailing off, if I lost ya
Just call out holy God, holy God
Flying saucers, gliding toward us
Borderline, I sorta mind
Pet peeve is being on the grind
While catching my R.E.M. sleep
Let the index hit escape and exit
Catch a few rays or spit a line segment
Syncopated time, wrinkle free
You a star, twinkle shine, break apart dust
Then it fades to dark, what? What?
So many questions, but solo perspectives
Is it a pale ale, or a steel will that drives an Injun?
As a man thinketh when he crafts flight plans and has visions
Despite havin his hand in the grease pan and dishes

We can break all laws of gravity (repeat)

You never seen a sleeping bird on his own terms
Napping on the cold earth, wrapped in overgrown ferns
You’ll never know the secret joy of being unseen,
Unknown, captivated freely in his own dream
He is running, in his dream he is running
And it seems there is something he can reach, he can touch it
But he can’t, he is nothing
He is sand, he is stuffing
One glance at his eyes and you are glancing at a button
But umm... nevertheless he runs and as he runs he feels real
Branches rushing by brushed back with steel will
In his dream see he is faster
He is lightness, he is laughter
He can feel the tinge of weightlessness
And knows what’s coming after
It’s the first kiss of flight, feels different tonight
And his limbs lift him high
The way the wind shifts a kite
And as he glances down on the silence of the ground
He makes a solitary sound
And for the moment he is found like...
We can break all laws of gravity
Claws of apathy, jaws of tragedy
They reach and we deny
And each time you seem surprised
Just keep in mind it’s beautiful worm food
So you should feast your eyes

Track Name: First Snow
Another year goes by...
And I sit here watchin these leaves fall off the trees
If I stay, I’ll never know the cost of leavin
But I stay, cause I believe
Even though the skyline kinda lost the meanin
Hard to see now I once fought the feelin
On the same stoop, another frosty evening
And winter’s on the way, and there’s never been an easy one
And weeks pass sometimes and we don’t see the sun
Just a hint here and there
First snow comin, you could feel it in the air
What a strange thing, to be from someplace
Really man, you should try it sometime
All my native New Yorkers wanna riot sometime
For reasons too numerous to mention here but
I’m at the window, feel like a survivor
I watch em come and go, they leave reminders
If I’m on the right block in the right light
Then I could swear they the only ones there
And it hits me so hard sometimes I gotta sit down
This town, a lotta kids drown
Then it snaps back, time rearranges
And once again the street fills up with strangers
And we earthbound
And we earthbound
Track Name: Running Shoes
Ladies and germs I present to you
Some brand-new Junk Fu cause the rent is due
I know it’s been a couple years
Way more than a couple beers
And I been around more cash than I was ever near
Made a record for a major label that you’ll never hear
Wonder how you get to be an A&R with severed ears
But I got a court order that says keep it under wraps
All I wanted was the fellas to say HO! Like Thundercats
Ladies say OW! Like they stubbed they toe
Just another case of that old –
Being held back by what you know
We back now with digital crack vials
We pickin them facts out and layin em back down
It’s a brand new floor, solid but it’s dusty
Workin on that next level just gotta trust me
For now you can appreciate the view of the stars
Aint no view of the bars, it’s all Jupiter, Mars
And on a clear night all you see is constellations
Watch the stars connect with no complication
Cause after all, this is a conversation
Not a confrontation, still I’m contemplatin
No rap without compensation
And yes you can consider that a confirmation
If it wasn’t for a mic check I wouldn’t have no debt at all
So next mic check I’m stoppin payment hey

This is an invitation, come on rock with it
You are cordially invited to the mosh pitted
It’s not happening? Start your own
Cause the odds are the scientists are far from home
We left the space party and came to your town
We did not come this far to not get down
So tell the sound man turn the speakers to the sky
It’s a new definition of transmitting live

So get crazy, that’s right it feels good
And they say we can’t change
Well guess what? We still could
It’s not beam me up
It’s like come on down
Gotta speed things up
That’s why we make the sound

It’s the middle of the night but the sun is sky high
Gonna watch the world transform in front of my eyes
No shade from the light don’t know where to go
Standin at the intersection between fear and hope
And it’s not about makin a choice, you got none
It’s seein that it is what it is and not runnin
So you could get laced to race fate, you gonna lose
You know the devil makes a killing off of runnin shoes
And I aint talkin bout no fire and brimstone
The sinners and the winners and the liars and nymphos
I’m talkin bout that part of yourself you’d rather hide
On the eve of The Ides we need an Adam
I will eat that quince on the second go round
Cause it’s better than not knowing lest it goes down
And yes the flow sounds like it’s out of a cage
I be the rat-a-tat-tat that wake you out of your daze
And put you back in the mind state
To help with the crime rate
I’m walkin a fine line, but doin it my way
No Monday to Friday that’s not how it’s workin yo
Regular job got me feelin like Serpico
And everybody knows that he don’t belong here
Like why in the world did you bring these songs here?
I don’t even know it’s like a force of habit now
And I will back it up before I’m forced to back it down
So check 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Next up in line with a heavyweight rhyme
It’s Baje One Sage and he levitates fine

This is an invitation, come on rock with it
You are cordially invited to the mosh pitted
It’s not happening? Start your own
Cause the odds are the scientists are far from home
We left the space party and came to your town
We did not come this far to not get down
So tell the sound man turn the speakers to the sky
It’s a new definition of transmitting live


And we – just might – make it – why not?
There is – just now
No such thing as the same new way
Cause it might be a brave new world
But it’s a brand-new day
Track Name: Miraculous Machines (Linda Gold) (feat. Gene Stovall)
A lotta folks would trade souls for the fountain of youth
Then travel back knowin the rules
Like ‘How could I lose?’
This the view from the top of the mountain of youth
Where road signs paint a picture to a fountain of truth
And once I sip that water Imma trade it in
So no, no fade to black, I’ll be fadin in
To focus, and these days hope is the opus
And it feels like home, but it’s the bowl of a goldfish
But inverse that - it’s a fisheye, then it’s fly
Came a long way since the Friday night fish-fry
We did for self, makin wine in the basement
Defined innovation, but time is a facelift
And now we lost in American wilderness
The heroes and heroines
Who wonder where the villain is
I see the city sometimes
It makes me wonder where the children live
Aint no pill for this
No known antidote for the dose of reality
Cold wind blows, leave em froze in the valley
So circle round like the O’s in your salary
And dry by the fire, still soaked in the gravity
And thus we rise, but won’t go pop
They say the show must go on, the game don’t stop
Well, in the same fashion the heart must beat
Such a mean, lean, miraculous machine

So sing it again
So sing it again
So sing it again Gene
So sing it
So sing it

A lotta folks would trade souls
For stuff we take for granted
Everyday things, the stuff that make the planet spin
Round and round, a phone call from a old friend
We stop, smell rose, look around and we old men
And Probe said, “Is it really this beautiful?”
And I just nodded my head, the way we used to do
At rap show school nights at The Wetlands
With backpacks and rhyme books,
My Knickerbocker headband
Upstairs Co-Flow and The Juggaknots
And downstairs picture lil Baje
Trying to take his stage presence up a notch
Nightmares of the deadpan
I never claimed to be the best type of rapper, like Redman
But I would do my lil thingy thing
Thinkin I was fly with my initials on a pinky ring
Before the Pro Tools and CDJs
We had those BD-10s and TDKs
And if I close my eyes, still hear the tape hissin
Brought the tape to the party, hopin they’d listen
We let the tape rock, never let the tape pop
Leave the sampler on all night, so it stays hot
It’s not like we coulda saved it if we wanted to
The same way you bought one slice, but you wanted two
Bottom line, if you really really needed it
Your boy would get you on a slice
And you could eat with it him
And so we define, exactly what it means
A true family, miraculous machine