and the Hundred Dollar Sandwich

by Junk Science

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released March 15, 2015

Mixed and mastered by Dan Tobiason.

All artwork by Cool Calm Pete.

Design by Snafu.


all rights reserved



Junk Science Brooklyn, New York

Junk Science is Baje One on the raps, Snafu on the beats. Simple. Dudes met in high school in the late 90's and have been making the music that they want to make since then, with absolutely no regard for whatever is "hot" in any given moment. Labels that have fuxed with Junk Science include Ruffnoxious, Scion, Embedded, Def Jux and Modern Shark.

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Track Name: Qualdron
it's not what you expect/it's not what you was asking for/matter of fact it just is what it is/you could live what you give/hope you givin a gift/cause a lotta kids live in the fridge/and you got lots to eat but you locked on the inside/no body heat, peoples not on the invite/joyless and cold but the lettuce stay crispy/white people, one of life's hella great mysteries/Darwin, drop bombs, renovate swiftly/I got that yoga fire so levitate with me/levitate with me/b-b-b-b-burn, Bobby, Whitney/it's not what you expect, it's not really a sequitur/it's more what you go to confession for/used to talk more shit than people on message boards/when I was 19, livin in Ecuador/in the rainforest/the same tourist/still keep taking his time, the same tortoise/still keep makin it rhyme cause Baje raw is/talk like Yoda cause Yoda's from Brooklyn/but I ain't in the proof game, I manufacture pudding/call me Mr. Kozy Shack/get off the bozeack/It's eight glasses, the flow's intact/plus he’s stuck between yada yada, rockin this place here/the illest rapper out there like Rakim Shakespeare/do it how it's been done, plus how it might be/makes your girlfriend’s boyfriend wanna fight me/cause he do the thing right like he was Lee spike/curse that reverse like Socks Red/emphatically not dead/adamantly hot fresh pies on the windowsill/go to /mouthful of ink, watch him autograph beats/it's not what you expect/it's not what you expect/it's more what you protect/more what you respect/it’s more who you protect/it’s way more than your neck/cause you could be like, you could just keep asking, like “Why me?”

and I could say: dude you were born like this, it’s just a roll of the dice, dice, dice, dice/nobody gets a 4,5,6 even though sometimes it might be what it seems like, like, like, like/homegirl, you were born like this, and I know it’s not fair, fair, fair, fair/but if that’s not what life is, tell me what life is/and we could both be millionaires/sometimes I sit back with the buddha sack/thinkin how 90’s hip hop might have ruined my life/but then I pause/and I stop being stupid/can’t blame the messenger, can’t shoot Cupid/he’s just a little dude playin with his arrows/you the one that’s jumpin off the falls in the barrel/Baje One, Snafu collabo/youth life forms came to analyze the data like D.A.R.Y.L./the ill D.A.R.Y.L./no american apparel/never got along with kid’s whose vision’s all narrow/you know, the one’s who’s at the table every day and never run it/these the one’s who take some lemonade and get some lemons from it/though that’s borderline chemically impossible/God bless intelligence, they find a way to follow through/not me, not him, not us/raps got bust/in raps you gotta trust, come on…
Track Name: Track 2
no time like ahora/shine like I oughta/flow like I’m three quarters water/some of them quarters still made from quarter waters/you know, from back then, back when when I was shorter/younger/hunger/I didn’t know her/spent summers on the corner/that’s how we was brought up/my borough was a sauna/trouble in the air when the air’s a little warmer/before we started drinkin beer/puffin marijuana/and doin all the little things they said we not supposed to/some of us went due south like the Roll n’ Roaster/but between chutes and ladders I took the latter and not the former/and we still here/so if you still here, put your hands to the sky so high till you spill your beer/my God it’s like we iller than Iller Than Theirs/cause there’s more superheroes than villains are chilling in here/we the tillers in here/no filler in here/borne all the self-inflicted pain I am willing to bear/so attack my façade, there are pillars in here/used to smoke that Something About Mary like I’m Stiller in here/Ben, Jerry, hey, never noticed that/Ben and Jerry’s, yo this is the spoken rap/sober cat/older cat/been to hell and heaven already so I aint holdin back/keep it movin yo/PONYBOY CURTIS in the mothafuckin studio/turn it louder/let me show you how to/step out of your shell like we were makin clam chowder…
Track Name: The Science of Stupid
Money is the root of all dumb shit, dumbshit/rap used to be like the root of all fun shit/nowadays it’s more like the root of all dumb shit/money’s like rap, money rap’s like money now/aint it funny how/what you mean, like funny how?/like I’m a clown, like like I amuse you/leave you with a loose tooth in this game of who’s who/where you, you, you, you and you lose/for tryin to be too smooth seems to be the move/but the youth is too cool, too bruised to recuperate/might as well reanimate/deactivate the hand of fate/they use the same tools when they activate the candidates/the Manchurian, take me to your top dog/bonafide case of the opposite of lockjaw/tired of seein locked doors, time to lock horns/tryin to be a pop before the apocalypse pops off/you say: first things first/I say you gotta put the pasta in the pot to boil before you pop it in the pasta sauce/hey, but that’s me, and I was a scientist first before I was an emcee

money is the root of all stupid, stupid/God put his hands on the records and he looped it/fun fact, he played the world’s most heavenly break and spun it back/and here we are like a million years later/white rappers comin out the speakers in your elevators/can’t front man, I wish it was my voice/but I also can’t front like that’s my choice/snap back to reality, uh, there goes enlightenment/uh there goes the Vicodin flyin out the window/starin through the pinhole, now I got the wide lens/friends don’t let friends drive drunk?/define friends/pre-dawn now I’m climbin out the lion’s den/me and my lioness/Manes lookin fly and fresh/we walk eastward, follow the morning star/start from point A, stop when I get my point across/movin on up by my accounts/cause the rhymes bring me closer to the sky like Sky Bounce/no blue balls/and if you show love/you’ve made me so very happy: Lou Rawls…
Track Name: Pro Kadima Team (Motherfucking Adults)
Some say rappers is like lil sperms tryin to go in but there’s no room/it’s not enough to go in, I’m tryin to go through/tryin to be amongst the chosen few to seek the whole view/that if you don’t hold to roots, you’ll never bloom in June like roses do/see it’d be easy enough to fold in two when the cold is new/let alone when the whole earth is frozen blue/look, see the petals are the spoils of struggle, gift of the grapple/and judgment puts a lump in your throat: Adam’s apple/so pardon me if I don’t got time to battle, I’m doin battle/if it moves you then move/I don’t tend to move cattle/and if you move with the cattle/now might be a good time to start thinkin bout like “Who’s in the saddle?”/hmm, me and Snafu/Pro Kadima team on the beach with the paddles/we are not rattled/cause we live that lemonade life, and we’re nobody’s chattel/motherfucking adults

Tell me why, why, tell me why, why, would you do that, do that, do that?

Some say rappers is like lil sperms tryin to go in but there’s no room/It’s not enough to go in, I’m tryin to go/chik-chik, bao, bao, bao/like three little pork buns/buildin a fort cause the kid misses his home like Mork does/abort mission exhort the forked tongues/import mission support the dork tongues/peep: Modern Sharko/Generation Darko/build a city on a hill like Park Slope/so you could sit back relax and let the drugs take hold/like we were somewhere outside of Barstow/in the desert where it’s ridiculously hot: Brigitte Bardot/and rappers get left literally in the middle of nowhere: Fargo/leave em with a vacant stare: Chris Partlow/Baje not the type to follow Polo: Marco/more the type to roll with the Marx Bros: Harpo, or maybe Greco/your weak ass is the type to settle/no type of rebel/you not a rapper, you a corporately animated reptile like the geico gecko/and that’s my word…
Track Name: Feeling It Out (feat. Scott Thorough)
FEELING IT OUT (feat. Scott Thorough)
yeah ah, yeah ah, ah yeah, oheo/colors of the rainbow/moving in slow motion/worse than when the pain goes/moving in the ocean/a dolphin in a halo/movin in the universe and/for what it's worth it's you/movin in the ocean/sorta slow/in the coast when/nowhere to go/and I, have this notion, I have this notion uh, I have this notion, it's you/always was you/uh uh, always was you, uh

check it out/what to do when the lettermen turn blue/and all the other fishes start to gang up to get you/take a sec, sit a spell, let it settle in/Speak n' Spell, spill your drink, you're set to get it in/now you're doin things/while they move men in/you don't sweat it you get it they're on the Foolish team/and you're the go-between/it's only you between/the perfect avalanche and what we call a human being/(uh) so what we call that?/can't call it?/recall it?/ya need to fall back/y'all wack/w'all crack/short for "we are all"/"you wanna see us fall"/is something corny rappers say to make them seem more tall/but they fall harder/we part a' the Modern Shark crew/true/you wanna be a Modern Shark too

(baje)some say that pencil is to paper/as stencil is to vapor/of no real use, but still essential to the caper/my name is Mike and I’m just happy to be here/even though these days somehow became these years/it’s alright though, beyond fortunate/just point me the stage and it’s Drakkenfire, scorchin it/whether there’s a thousand kids screamin for encores/or we rockin for our one fan like Flight of the Conchords/I seen both, within the span of one month/maybe that’s a mean joke, either that or dumb luck/that or it’s a third thing I cannot comprehend/just don’t understand like parents/it’s apparent/whether or not you are a soul whose intentions are good/it’s a money-back guarantee that you’ll be misunderstood/the trick is to accept that, not let it unravel you/sing it to yourself as you walk along the avenue…
Track Name: Oh, Canada! (RyanGoslingBradleyCooper)
I figured, dang, why not start off with a weird bang?/steer slang, fear fangs, I hear thangs/Snaf do the beard thang, Baje rock a little movie star stubble/get in movie star trouble/like, dude, why you wilding on the key grip?/doin key bumps of cocaine and ketamine?/widling!/you need to get back in the public’s favor/I got a scheme!/we do a film where he stars as multiple retards/check this out: Gilbert Grape meets The Nutty Professor/it’s like another victory, they can’t get with me/another DVD release date, yesiree!/my name is RY-AN-GO-SL-IN-to the motherfuckin G/Turkeys!/you not fuckin with this/played this mix for your mom, she was lovin this shit/even though it’s unmastered/she was plastered/she asked if I could rap, rap faster/I said it’s possible/I mean it’s logical/I mean why not, fuck, come on rock a few

Imma move to Canada I heard they’re quite supportive of the arts, arts, arts, arts/Imma move to Canada I heard they’re quite supportive of the arts

Ah so, this is what happens when you start an inside joke and then you don’t stop it/No profits/no stock options, hey not even stocktips/they pass you mop then say “Make with the moppin”/you meet the other janitors and shake their calloused hands/you didn’t know this was the makin of the palace band/ran away from your fate without a plan and applied for a government grant but they gave it to the Taliblam/true story, I wouldn’t lie to ya/hey that’s just my two cents, what’s it worth to ya?/that’s for my lazy rappers/Kevin Spacey rappers/pay me rappers and the act-like-I-am-crazy rappers/man, we could do this all day/dressin up the truth like a yogurt parfait/they say with long hair he look like Bradley Cooper/thanks for the feedback, B, I’ll be that/my name is BR-AD-LY C-O-O-P to the E to the R/thirty somethin years old, still tryin to put the motherfuckin keys in the car

Say Imma move to Canada I heard they’re quite supportive of the arts, arts, arts, arts/Imma move to Canada I heard they’re quite supportive of the arts up there…
Track Name: The Midpoint (feat. Red Sonja tha Thespian Intern)
POLY (feat. Red Sonya tha Thespian Intern)
(baje and sonya)
position lotus, unbroken focus, I’m fellin rookies/suckas goin door to door like they sellin cookies/they rolo for dolo with Solo just like some yellin Wookies/we devoted, they demoted/we promoters, they opposers/we proposers, they the poseurs/we the roses, they the locusts/they the dandruff, which makes us the head and shoulders/Junk Sci, the opposite of bogus/the apocalypse for vultures/laid-back shit, rockin moccasins and loafers/you could chill out and pop open a Sixpoint/this the midpoint to this joint…
Track Name: We Are Your Invisible Friends
ahem, check check, catch my breath then flex/like a bodybuilding sniper/get rowdy like Roddy Piper/the thing is cause we lifers/nothing’s gonna make me hyper than when the crowd move they arms just like some windshield wipers/we still speak in cipher but we used to speak in cyphers with the greatest/so please pardon if your latest art seems amateurish/call em candy stripers/so my interest is not piqued, piqued/when they new shit gets leaked it’s more akin to the leak in a diaper/that’s nasty/meanin a leak that nobody wanted in the first place/the worst case/Baje One, Snafu/coolest rap dudes contest, finished first place/hit em with a little bit of Ritalin to wake em up/Baje get into the middle of the pastry puff like cream/cash rules everything around me, face it cuz/but I dream with a little bit of rhythm we could change it up/just me?/didn’t think so/no pinko/so quick with the wit, don’t blink yo/took tickets for the drinks so got stinko/Shark’s incorporated I-N-C to the flow like DINCO/what you think yo?/me and Snaf get big money big money, Plinko/that’s why your flow stink flow like ginko/and my girl’s in a mink coat and she got a crazy ass name like Ochocinco!

yeah yeah that’s my man Snafu on the 1’s and 2’s/right there, that’s my man Snafu, that’s my man, that’s my man Snafu/so who are you?/you aint nothing… yeah yeah, that’s my man Snafu, that’s my man Snafu/on the 1, on the 1 and the 2, that’s my man, that’s my man Snafu/so who are you?

all things being equal, do rappers ever wake up and be like “Maybe I smoke too much weed and hang out with the wrong people”/is it normal?/is it normal?/is it something they think about?/is it normal?/to contemplate disaster, death, destruction, and dismemberment while you’re eating breakfast/with your wife/and besides that everything is nice?/is it normal?/is it somethin you do too?/or is it just me?/if I said it was just me, then would you trust me?/is it normal?/is it normal, normal, is it normal?/yeah/ayo there’s four bars left like we were in the middle of a pub crawl/it’s a freestyle!/what’s up yall?!!/Haha!!!

yeah yeah, that’s my man Snafu/right there that’s my man Snafu/he’s right there/you can’t see him but I can/that’s my man Snafu/he’s on the 1, on the 1’s and the 2 and his name is Snafu/he came to do it for you/motherfuck you and your whole crew if you rap/if not we give you dap/for being just a regular person, in fact…
Track Name: Really, Really Man
check it out/I am steppin out with that little bounce all in my step/cause it’s Saturday, not Friday, so it’s not time to worry about Sunday yet/so here we go/just me and you/the sun is on its way up, up/she pulls me cross the street cause that’s where it’s shinin/it’s obvious to her but constantly I need remindin that

I don’t know, no, I don’t know, no/no I don’t know much, much/but that’s ok, hey, that’s alright, what I do know will have to be enough, nuff/but I don’t know, no, I don’t know, no, no I don’t know much, much/but that’s ok, hey, that’s alright/probably never have it all sewn up, up

speakin of which, it’s like open heart surgery on myself, no anesthetic, in the mirror by candlelight, with two shaky hands/sounds like a plan, damn/hmm where were we?/oh yeah, we were walkin on the sunny side/between the risin cost of a subway ride and the fancy food that Bunny likes, I’ll probably never get my money right/many feel we don’t own enough/I got my health, got my girl/the rest of this is bonus stuff/used to wanna be ronin-tough/golden glove/Catcher in the Rye, Holden stuff/but it turns out I can’t live life like that/when the Empire strike can’t strike right back/that’s not for me/no perjury, that Hercules don’t work for/no Superman, no Aquaman/no omniscience, that’s not the plan/cause when I think that I know it all now, then right then gotta slow it all down

say I don’t know, no, I don’t know, no/no I don’t know much, much/but that’s ok, hey, that’s alright, what I do know will have to be enough, nuff/but I don’t know, no, I don’t know, no, no I don’t know much, much/but that’s ok, hey, that’s alright/probably never have it all sewn up, up/but I don’t know, no, I don’t know, no, no I don’t know much, much/but that’s ok, hey, that’s alright/I hope I never have it all sewn up, sewn up, sewn up…
Track Name: Off-Brand Spaghetti O's
when we step on stage, the crowd’s like “these guys!”/when you step on stage they just a lil let down like they ordered a burger and it only came with three fries/sad face/like, like you stuck in the rat race/or stuck with a evil twin brother in the basket like the film Basketcase/what’s really fucked up is that the lil dude’s got a supersized bloodlust/rappers, rappin these days like they tryin to figure out what drugs does/like “If I take this, and then I say this, maybe all the radio stations’ll play this, play this, play this/it’s so calculated just like calculus on a calculator/do you see what I’m doin with this?/I’m doin math/math for that ass

Snafu got the hot bowl of off-brand Spaghetti O’s/I’m just sayin

I be rappin over just drums/trust like trust funds/when they makin lists I’m on that list like plus ones/in it for the long haul/do it for the lump sum like a crab cake/while your man make that humdrum/every day boring, the old man is snoring/fell asleep in the middle of your rap/z-z-z while the tap keeps pouring/hush now, he’s in the middle of his nap/Gran’dad, sippin on tonic/since a little youth I been trippin off phonics/Snaf made the beat so the sound symphonic/he loves hip hop and it’s not ironic/how ironic!/it’s type ionic/charged with the positive vibes and harmonics/not sardonic or Napoleonic/it’s plate-tectonic/Baje mnemonic…
Track Name: Up in the Sky
(cough)/still got sights to see/yeah, Junk Science, that's Mike and me/this is how it sounds/how it might could be/traveling in time but I missed a beat/Point A to B and Point B to C/point me to Z/side-stepping through trees/pointed at a sign, wasn't easy to read/concave lens, now it's easy to see/where all signs point/we have a disjoint/some signs blank/some state "no thanks"/so, where to roam?/wayfarers came home/sail the seven seas/return with a poem/so, band practice and we're meeting on the moon/Miraculous Machine van leaving real soon/miraculous to be here and nice to see you/human interaction/normal thing to do

say up in the sky?/up in the sky/up in the sky?/up in the sky/say up in the sky?/up in the sky/up in the sky?/up in the sky/say up in the sky?/up in the sky/up in the sky?/up in the sky/say up in the sky?/up in the sky/up in the sky?/up in the sky/say up in the sky

it go: oxtail, steam veggie, rice and peas/we goin through the roof like the price of cheese/and I guess it’s alright with me/some folks spend they whole life hypin the beast/and that’s no knock knock/but they know not, not, how not to be a robot, not/huh, none of my God-damned business/lookin for a cure to the dizziness/and the right place to point my finger/wound up pickin my nose/pickin my toes instead of pickin a rose/true story, maybe, only partly, hardly, shady, slowly/beating hearts in parts harmonious, but often not so much/it’s less poetic than it’s true/that’s just my job to do

say up in the sky?/up in the sky/say up in the sky?/up in the sky/up in the sky?/up in the sky/say up in the sky?/up in the sky/up in the sky?/up in the sky/say up in the sky?/up in the sky/up in the sky?/up in the sky/say up in the sky/up in the sky/up in the sky/up in the sky…
Track Name: Careful
like you I think I’m different/one word I never knew the definition of was diffident/googled that and it turns out it means someone who is shy or timid due to low self-esteem/dreams come often, rarely recalled/like some type of sex addict/this rap’s a bad habit/mixed-up white kid semi-fluent in Afromathematics/but back to brass tacks/like you, I think I’m different/one word I never knew the definition of was intrument/as in “make me into an instrument”/turn me to a channel/so that I might channel the joy of bein mammal/don’t forget the pain/hearts on sleeves outside in the rain/like you…but here we go again/it’s just a game, a game, it’s just a game of inches/we will evolve in due time, same as the finches…
Track Name: Sandwich Theory
baje and snaf/no matter what we say the days’ll pass/might as well enjoy the days we have/type of shit I need to get tattooed to recall it/wake up with the sun all alone every mornin/need to reach out, phone home, so I’m callin/bring bring bring on the telephone/tried to call a million at once but you never home/no platinum plaques upon the mantle/fingers crossed no lawsuits for the samples/but I’m havin the time of my life/and I just told you so like I’m right/dear white people, we can do better/sincerely, baje, that’s the end of my letter/that’s all I got to say, that’s all I have for now/favorite shirt in fourth grade: don’t have a cow, man/b-b-break it down man: enzymes/I don’t pen rhymes, I pen words, make them rhyme/then draw first from first to the tenth time/shoot that little flower out the gun nearly every time/whenever we rhyme it’s just delightful/baje is Michael, just more insightful/all types light, that’s why they call me lightful/still tend to tighten up when they tell me “lighten up!”

if life was a hundred-dollar sandwich/and in your pocket was a hundred-dollar bill/would you buy that hundred-dollar sandwich?/or take your chances with a couple pills?

it’s not strictly hypothetical/snaf and baje/rap with an acquired aftertaste/we givin em a minute just to acclimate before we activate, yeah/so let the beat build, b-word/yeah I don’t use the b-word, what’s the problem?/not cause I’m some kinda prince up in a castle/I don’t use that word cause I’m not a fuckin asshole/and fuck you if it’s such a fuckin hassle/jerkface on the tarot cards/used to really wanna rap like Pharoahe Monch or maybe Krayo/but every time I would freestyle they would say I sound a day old like a half-priced bagel/ahh, what do they know?/but what happens when they is you and you convinced that what they say is true?

if life was a hundred-dollar sandwich/and in your pocket was a hundred-dollar bill/would you buy that hundred-dollar sandwich?/or take your chances with a couple pills?/if life was a hundred-dollar sandwich/and in your pocket was a hundred-dollar bill/would you buy that hundred-dollar sandwich?/or take your chances with a couple…

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