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released May 27, 2011



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Junk Science Brooklyn, New York

Junk Science is Baje One on the raps, Snafu on the beats. Simple. Dudes met in high school in the late 90's and have been making the music that they want to make since then, with absolutely no regard for whatever is "hot" in any given moment. They spend a decent amount of time drinking beer and playing video games, just like you. ... more

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Track Name: Box Art
You are now, not then, not soon, nor ever before
You are now out of tune, digital tulips in bloom
And we got the green light for takeoff, all systems go
Please take the brakes off, we don’t need em anymore

They say God made man, man remade God
And then the remade God remade man
Who made computers
Well, that’s the basic steps, I skipped a couple though
First he cave-paints a pixilated buffalo
On the wall – the image of his desire
Looking to the future, like ‘Did he envision wires?’
Or wonder ‘Why is it so difficult
To live inside the moment?’
When that moment is defined
By the binary coding inside
Every single cell, single kilobyte, megabyte,
Gigabyte, terabyte and so on
He chose flight cause he didn’t have to fight
Cause really, what’s the option? A terradactyl bite?
Baje was a megaladon shark
Skipped on the swan ark
Swam along the side until the ship docks
And when the plank drops, that’s when he rips shop
I roll with Yung Snaf, and also Big Scott
And their drums bang, and I rhyme ish
So call it Nuk Fam, or call it timeless
Or call it nothing nil, or call it suckin still
You call it what you will, this ish is uffin ill
Track Name: Pixelated
The past might be faded (faded, faded)
But the future’s pixelated (lated, lated)
And the present is debatable
And everything is hate-able
We generation ‘I Don’t Get It’
Little babies diabetic
I look around it’s all medium-res
And every newspaper, website’s medium read
And the media! The media! The media’s dead
And if you need to be fed
Well then you’re barking in the wrong kitchen
The cooks, the chefs, they gone fishin’
Man, you just missed em, they left a note
Like, ‘Hey, by the way, can we borrow your boat?’
You need that like you need a sword-swallower
To borrow your throat
So pardon the joke, but this is the art of the broke
No, the art isn’t broke, but the artist is though
And the artist is a martyr to most
Especially its own brain, that’s the heart of the joke
And when I say ‘THE joke’, I mean like life
Got truth tatted all on my face like Mike Tyse
Now all I need’s a mirror,
Francs, Yen, Lira
And 7 Samurai to hold the village down l
Like Kurosawa, the list goes on like comma,
Comma, chameleon, lama,
Modern shark swimming through the drama
Converting it to comedy
Then harmonize the grits and turn em back to hominy
Cause the past might be faded (faded, faded)
But the future’s pixilated (lated, lated)
And the present might be fully recorded and digitized
But the future’s not written in code that we define
So, nor can we decipher
Dead the house lights and spark your digital lighter
And I’ll provide the digital flame
And we can get lost innocently like a kid in a game
Like ‘Now you’re playing with power’
Last board, last guy, and you may get devoured
But it doesn’t really matter
Cause what matters is the feeling
I’m not in the building, the building’s on fire
My relationship to the building is like ‘Man On Wire’
Just a little higher, contemplatin other shit
Came out of my mothership
Looking for my fathership
Thoughts on the page feel ancient like an obelisk
So when they be like “What’s up Baje?”
I say “I’m marvelous!”
Track Name: 30 Lives
Get your hands up, up, down, down, left, right
Left, right, B, A, select start, select start (repeat)

See I could beat the game without 30 lives
Cause it’s not so much fun with 30 tries
And I heard he rhymes with the nerdy guys
And they hack mainframes with dirty knives
(Zoop) that’s the sound it makes, kinda
It’s hard to recreate
I guess you had to be there
We was in Tron world, on the light bikes
With blonde girls
(Hey what you doin Friday?)
Haven’t figured yet, sit at home alone
Ask questions to the internet
Like, Do the Gods envy us,
Because we are fragile, flesh and blood,
So every single breath is a precious one?
And if that’s the case, who can we trust?
(Silence) Here’s something you can reference:
You want simple answers? Don’t ask questions


So if you ask me how to proceed
I would ask you ‘What’s the aim?’
Cause, guns blazing, you could rush through
Or take it frame by frame
And you could say that is has no effect
Cause the ending’s always the same
But sometimes the ending changes
Depending how you play the game

So if you had the option to hit reset
And do it all again, then who would you be next?
Would you be the same self?
A little better?
Same type of story, switch a few letters?
Waterproof skin to provide for the weather
And a bulletproof heart underneath that sweater?
Would you switch race?
Change class?
And I don’t mean rich/poor
I mean like would you be a magician or a fighter
Black belt, or something in between like a Red Mage
And when they asked who would I rather be
I looked em dead in the eyes and said Baje
You know? With a few more dollars in the pocket
But would my steps change if I was following a profit?
Would I still walk like a man do?
Or would I light up the stage and
Wax a chump like a candle?
Would they hear me?
Would I listen, to the rhythm of the pistons?
Or would I find out that we’re all gonna die
And this whole time I coulda been fishin’?

Track Name: The Dotted Line
Not really prone to the highs and the lows
Known to walk right in the middle of the road
On the high ground,
Where the cars rush by on either side,
A rabbit in your headlights
Moonwalk, trying to step light
Always something on my mind like head lice
Some nights, even the bed bites
Colonel Mustard, beaten with lead pipes
In the conservatory
But, what the uff is a conservatory?
So stop me if you heard the story
Or stop yourself with a length of rope
In the billiard room, maybe the study, maybe the cellar
Just behind the cellar door
The most beautifullest phrase in the English language
Either or
Let it pour
Men of war
Get born
Get adorned
Get amor
Get thorns
Get divorced
Get worn
Get gone
Not really known for the highs and the lows
Known to walk right in the middle of the road
On the high ground, you know?
Right in the center
On the dotted line, like a defendant
Sign here, it’s not a confession
Initial here, it’s not a profession
Not to be confused with practicality
Something you could use or… a shoehorn
Or something like that
Un-tread, the middle of the road is raised
In event of a flood it is likely dry there
But to live is to also die there
Get a slice of the pie
Pie for the sky
Save a little piece for the Piper’s paycheck
You like to place bets or like the safe bets
It’s either or
All the way live from the eastern shore
Go get it, whatever you can keep is yours
Get stomped out in the name of peace, or
Stomp through like a uffin conquistador
These are heart, heart, heart,
Heartbreaking years, D’Arcy
More than a couple of peers,
Hardly afloat in a bucket of beers
Which I’m told, is where the equilibrium is
So all the time I’m all boozy and ish
Still have a hard time losing my balance, I need balance
We pay tax, don’t like to admit it
It’s built in to the price of the ticket like
Joy, joy, joy
And pain, pain, pain
And sunshine, shine
And rain
Pump, pump, pump it up (repeat)
1's, 1's 1's and 0's, 0's and 0's
Droughts, droughts, droughts and flows
And so, so it goes (repeat)
Track Name: In The Shadow Of The Colossus
Gold key to the gate
Then cut to the cut-scene
Then fade from black
Then, sinister laughter
Then a large mass
Maybe 50 feet from fore to aft
Emerges from the shadows
And slowly gains focus
What sort of a man?
Some kind of monster?
Monster-man, man-monster
Drops his hands, then stomps on the stone
With the force of a thunderclap
And in that moment it’s clear you’re probably never comin back
You turn to face the gate but the gate shuts
And you don’t bother tryin to escape – the game’s up
Cause the game is now, so what you playin for?
If this right here is not exactly what you waitin for
Some words are exchanged that neither has the patience for
The beast snaps his fingers and sets ablaze the floor
In the light of the leaping flames
You see what you’re up against
His wings slowly unfurl then flap and send a gust of wind
Sends you flat to your back, snaps you back
Right back into the gameplay
You know what they say…
In the shadow of the colossus, you need to keep a steady hand
Cause you’re way past the point of getting a second chance
(So) The heart grips, the heart beats, the heart skips beats
Like a hard fist, hardened like cartilage in tar pits
From the moment you hit start it’s Liu Kang and Goro
Lavos and Chrono
Little Mac and Tyson
Ryu to Bison
Sagat and Vega
Computer chip stuck between my lips
I spit 16-bit like Sega
To defeat your nemesis, consider his Genesis
His will is unwavering, his mind reptilian
A threat to his self-preservation is the only thing that fills him
With the type of fear that you could use against him
For now remain defensive and try to gauge his strength
Superhuman, it was never possible
You were just a lamb at the sacrifice, and that’ll have to suffice
In that moment, he charges,
You know it’s your lot to die quietly
He’s too wide for side-stepping
Meet him with a fine weapon
Maybe he will fall full on, like Bald Bull
With a properly placed arrow
Right there in the narrow
Space between his armored plates
Where his bones are pure marrow
The bull is sacrificed and not the Pharoah

In the hero’s honor the king will stage a banquet
But the hero will not attend
Instead we find him on the riverbank
With his sword and his quiver
Because a hero’s work is thankless
But still - the enemy of the people is vanquished
And peace is restored
The hero’s bravery forever recalled in lore
So we will not forget it…
Roll the credits